Healing is Messy

It’s been a tough few weeks. There I said it. It’s not always days full of a brave face, a smile or optimism. I’m learning to accept that healing is messy. It just is. There are days when I can’t get past my “thinking” mind, that the backpack of burden and worries that I carry around get the gravity they are grappling for. There are days when I feel like I simply….surrender. But I am learning to embrace those moments – they are not always what they appear to be. Often chased by beautiful breakthroughs, enlightening releases or just simply a sense of cleansing calm.

So this is a reminder to YOU…. That healing is messy. No matter what your ‘healing’ looks like. Let it be. See it, recognize it, embrace what it’s trying to teach you. BE PATIENT (I’m still working on this one too!). And remember, this —

“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations”

There are no expectations. Only to show up as your true authentic self, no matter how messy it may seem some days.

P.s. this picture is as about as raw as it gets for me. Thank you for accepting ALL of me! With love, Jill