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If you or someone you know also experienced a recent NSCLC to SC Transformation, please add your name to our patient registry. Let's keep our unique community in touch & top of mind within our medical community & researchers! https://www.luvyourlungs.com/nsclc-sc-transformation-registry/

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My Lung Cancer Story

I was 37 - healthy, exercising daily, eating well, taking supplements and never smoked a cigarette in my life.

On August 17th 2019, I received the news that will change my life forever. A tumor. A mass. Cancer. In my lungs and spreading. Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), EGFR positive + p53 and RB1 genomes.  My treatment plan was a targeted therapy called Tagrisso and I successfully swallowed that daily pill for months....until May 2020 (just 9 months later).

It started with wheezing and then my CT scan said it all - progress on the lymph nodes, two new masses. A new bronchoscopy biopsy confirmed it was Small Cell Lung Cancer. What? How can you have both?? NSCLC and LC? But I soon learned it's a growing reality. "Small Cell Transformation" is happening to NSCLC patients and I'm finding more and more of us.

It's rare - super rare - less than 5% of NSCLC patients experience this. And because of that, there is no 'set' regime or protocol from the medical clinicians. Just a start into the world of chemo and then TBD from there.

My targeted therapy stopped in May 2020 and I started chemotherapy immediately. I lost my hair, I sought alternative therapies, I've been growing spiritually and the breakthroughs are simply incredible. My journey has led me since to esophogeal radiation, SBRT brain radiation (twice!), WBRT (whole brain radiation) in April 2021. Each step I've persevered thanks to my holistic approach. In January 2022, I received radiation to my intermudullary spinal tumor and started chemotherapy for the final flush. It's been a journey! But....

I'm living proof of the possibilities that exist when Western medicine works alongside natural healing modalities. I have so much to tell you about it all!! And I hope this blog, and all of the information I share resonate with you in some way, teach you more about the mind, body, soul connection and that together...WE HEAL!

I know the power that positive thinking can do, and what it can heal. Please do not feel sorry for me or sad - rather will me the strength to show this disease what I’m made of. That I’m a fighter, a warrior with relentless, unwavering willpower. I WILL CONQUER 😉

And, help me raise awareness that lung cancer doesn’t just happen to those who smoke. That more research, screenings and awareness needs to happen NOW to save lives and better understand this escalating genetic mutation that is affecting so many women. This disease is one of the fastest growing in non-smoking females under 50. This is our lifetime to make a difference!!! Join me in this fight! I'm here to help you, too.


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