family first

The online rants about being “stuck at home” with your loved ones drive me a little crazy.

Don’t we all work to live vs the other way around? Isn’t the whole point of having a family and having kids is to be around them, to shower them with love, to build memories, enjoy moments and feel fulfilled?

Spending time with those who lift you up, and bring you joy is the best thing possible right now…and forever.

Your family are your “people” – and this includes fur kids as well.

There is power in the strength of love. Share it, and it returns. Nurture it and it grows. A powerful reminder to slow down and enjoy the off moments or frustrated times because they are far and few in between compared to the pure joy and love that the majority of family time brings.

Now - go call your Mom, your Uncle, your Sister, a friend you consider a sister. Share some of that sweet, sweet, love today!