Almond Flour

Glucose and Gluten = bad. And both are key culprits in white sugars and white flours. Not only does sugar spike insulin levels in the body, it wreaks havoc on our internal inflammation leading to all sorts of heath issues. And it literally feeds cancer and supports its growth. And gluten…well basically it’s destroying our DNA. See my post on lectins for the full skinny.

“The number one thing you can do to prevent or control cancer is to control insulin levels with a high-fiber diet rich in real, fresh, whole foods and minimize or eliminate sugary, processed, insulin-raising foods”*

*Directly sourced from Cancer Free With Foods, written by the fabulous Liana Werner-Gray, pg 11.

But there is a simple solution that will deliver the same baking and cooking goodness you’ve come to love, without all of the chemicals, insulin spikes and inflammation. Win-win!

While many alternative flours exist, these three are by far my new go-to’s and they can all be purchased on Amazon, Thrive Market or your local Wegman’s. So no excuses! Just remember to buy organic.


  • Organic Cassava Flour – cassava flour is the most versatile and mild. Bob’s Red Mill brand is by far the best. Cassava flour is made from the whole root of the cassava plant. It has a mild flavor and a fine texture that is perfect for gluten free and grain free cooking. Use cassava flour for baking flatbread and brownies, as breading for meat and seafood, or in place of breadcrumbs in meatballs and veggie burgers.


  • Organic Blanched Almond Flour – this is an excellent source of Vitamin E and magnesium and a good source of dietary fibe Just remember to purchase the blanched variety so those almond skins (and their lectins) are removed.


Put your swap to the test with my Almond No-Bake Energy Balls. They are so good and easy to make!