This topic is one near and dear to my heart in so many ways and will for sure be the crux of so many more blogs in the future.

For me, it started on day one after diagnosis – well maybe not literally day one (more like week one) but still, the critical necessity of this should make it a top priority for anyone. And not just those in the midst of a health restoration journey like myself, but anyone who’s leaning into western medicine only and stopping there.

As I stated in a previous post, Doctors & Miracle Medicine, believe me, I am all about the goodness that the medical community has to offer. Without them, my own life would be in jeopardy without a doubt. But....

  • What if we had the chance to compliment these traditional practices with non-traditional approaches, and allow them to work better together?
  • What if we could fill in the other 2/3 of the pie with alternative care?
  • What if there was more than just what the medical community was trained to offer?

And these very points are honestly the passionate drive that keeps me motivated every day – I want to shout it from the rooftops, especially to women, that there is so much more out there to heal, help, and conquer.

There are too many analogies to reference on this one, so I’ll spare you. But the reality is rarely does doing “just one thing” ever fix our problems. It’s usually a combination of approaches that work together to get to the goal line. Why should approaching our health be any different??

But the doctors aren’t really going there with patients because, well, they can’t technically. They are bound by insurance and big pharma and have to protect themselves and their practice in order to do the great things that they do. Going out on a limb, to recommend an alternative is likely NOT going to come from your doctor.  So, who can help and how in the world do you even get started??

Well, this is where I’m hoping I can play a role in opening your eyes. And there are so many others like me, practicing their wisdom and knowledge, that your mind will be blown when you finally open your eyes to it all. It’s simply incredible!!!

My holistic approach extends far beyond my treatment and doctors. While I’m blessed to have them in my court, I’m equally as blessed to have access to many other beautiful people and their practices plus a bit of my own heavy lift in all of this.  More to come on each of these in the future! But they do include:

  • a “food as medicine” nutrition approach
  • readings
  • healing touch / IMT therapy
  • intuitive & deep spiritual sessions
  • yoga
  • spiritual practices & prayer
  • mindfulness & meditation
  • acupuncture & chiropractic care
  • herbs, supplements & vitamins
  • personal connections & socialization
  • essential oils
  • sleep
  • ...and so many more to learn, embrace and enjoy.

This is a big topic, with more to come! But remember they are all pieces to the pie and each one, CRITICAL.

Which will you embrace first??

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  1. Kerrie on July 14, 2020 at 12:52 pm

    Great info!