Daily Affirmations? Surely something I never had time for or didn’t slow down enough to appreciate before things changed. I could barely think, let alone remember an intention for the day. Who has time for that, right?!?

But everything is different now and setting a daily affirmation is one of the first things I stumbled upon. Literally it showed up at my door one day. A dear family friend sent a little gift to let me know they were thinking of me. A simple wooden box filled with 12 metal tokens, each with one word – Love, Protection, Hope, Luck, Wisdom….

It was then that it dawned on me on how simple it would be to pick one each morning, and set my intention for the day. And that’s what I do!

I pick a word from the box before I even brush my teeth, and the universe tells me where to direct my energy and observations for the day. And you know what, these words are truly picked with intention. Every single day, the word presents itself to me in a unique or special way. It’s incredible.

I also take time with my selection each morning too. I’m thankful for it, I repeat it several times and I cherish it as I place it outside of the box for the day. After all it’s a gift and I treat it with respect.

Daily affirmations like this have been around us for a long time, often finding their way to counterbalance negative or stressful emotions. For every symptom or feeling, there is a counterbalance to redirect to the positive spectrum and help neutralize the mind.

Louise Hay was a woman before her time. And not one but two of my spiritual army introduced her to me. Her book – You Can Heal Your Life – is incredible and in one particular part of it, she helps identify affirmations to literally turn that frown upside down.

Matching symptoms and feelings with counterbalanced affirmations is an incredible practice. It’s just one of many resources available but the power in practicing this is undeniable. It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget what living day to day feels like. But this practice, yet so simple, is to underrated.

Now my personal challenge for you -- Start your day off with a powerful intention, and enjoy what the day bring or perhaps what you’ll deliver. The beauty of the unknown is simply that – majestic, inspiring, energetic. Chin up, arms out wide – it’s time to conquer this day!!! Enjoy.

Oh and please do share your stories with me as your intentions unfold. xo