DIY body butter

This DIY essential oil recipe is rewarding in so many ways. Let Frankincense help rejuvenate skin health and refresh your senses, while the Lavender instills peace and harmony. Plus, it's easy to make and smells great. ENJOY!

What you’ll need:

  • Small glass container or jar, to mix (& store) the ingredients

How to make it:

  1. Melt shea butter or coconut oil until it’s liquid (try double boiler method on the stovetop)
  2. Add the lavender and frankincense essential oils and stir together to combine
  3. Let the oils cool down a bit so it's warm,not hot & transfer to a glass jar.
  4. From here - you can enjoy right away! Smear the butter on areas where you need attention. Or if you’d like to make it into a shelf-stable cream texture, place the mixture in the fridge until it’s cool for a few minutes, then use a hand mixer on high speed to whip the oils into a white cream.
  5. Store remaining contents into a glass jar with lid, and keep it at room temperature.


**Remember this recipe is interchangeable with different essential oils too. Each will bring it's own smells, sensations and effects. Have fun and experiment a little!