“The more you think of something the more you will your energy there.”

After initial diagnosis, to say I wasn’t ‘numb’ was an understatement. I quickly encountered “all the feels” – grief, denial, anger, loss, hope, more grief – but then it was almost as if I catapulted into survival mode. I refused to believe the statistics (online research is scary!) and had a little moment with myself. You can believe the numbers you read and become one of them, or you can defy the odds and become a survivor with a story to share. I chose the latter from that moment on.

Positive, “victim-less” mindset is a lynch pin to so much of my health care experiences. In a positive state of mind, focusing on what could be vs. what isn’t, and staying in resolution mode vs. grief, attracted other like minds to me…naturally!  It should come as no surprise that humans seek out and are attracted to like minds. And, our amazing healthcare professionals are no different. Even in the hospital, my willingness and openness to receive information, digest it, ask logical questions and proactively champion for my care, kept the doctors, nurses and everyone in between coming back to me.  And guess what they brought? More information! The more I knew, the better I could manage my own health journey, entering into it without hesitation but rather with open arms of hope. I made some amazing connections at Johns Hopkins Hospital because both me and the nurses and doctors I met, took time to practically discuss and approach my care, with each of us feeling like we could share and converse with a sound mind. This was critical!

And this contagious energy extended beyond my medical care providers, but also to my husband, family and friends. They joined me in my positive path forward, rather than digging into grief and disbelief. I needed them with me, visualizing this positive outcome I’m going to receive, and I know they drew on my strength to help me put one foot in front of the other on this brand new life detour. I can’t begin to tell you how things started to fall into place since initial diagnosis, but they just did and continue to. And I know we all collectively willed this energy my way. It took practice, perseverance and strength (and yes, I had my moments and continue to) but I assure you the more you “think” of something the more you will your energy there. I chose positivity and opportunity….and it’s working!