“We’re surrounded by smart minds and caring souls every day.”

It’s no doubt that both doctors and modern medicine play a critical role in our ongoing health and longevity. Having been mostly a natural path advocate myself for many years, I still believe, for a fact, in the role that prescriptive medical care can play in our lives. Life is, after all, a balance, right?  I witnessed miracles unfold before me, day after day, when I was in the hospital. The technology, intelligence, tests, monitoring – they all came with such ease to the doctors and nurses in my care community. I was fascinated by it all and asked questions each time a new procedure, test or result was introduced. I learned something new each day and quite enjoyed playing the role of being the recipient of this information and so confidently re-sharing it with my family and friends who were keeping a close eye on my health.

The Johns Hopkins Medical team became my new family. I made so many connections that I still treasure to this day. The ER doctor that went out of his way to care for me and my husband as we stared, deer-in-the-headlights, at my first tumor picture. We exchanged numbers and are still in touch. The Oncologist doctor who brought a light-hearted, positive energy to our room with each visit – full of helpful information and a contagious laugh. I still email with him regularly. The nurses became my glue. We laughed, chatted and parted ways in the end with hugs and positivity. They met my family, my daughter, my husband – they became one of us on this journey. And there are countless others who came into my path for a reason, held my hand on my new ‘detour’ in life and continue to impress me every day.

Miracle medicine, as I like to call it, provided truly just that, having not even known or heard about it ever before. How lucky am I that so many before me have paved a way to help shape and deliver this medical intervention for the ‘next gen’ of patients. I can only hope to harness the energy, positivity, healing and intellect that I’ve learned in such a short time already so I can share this gift with so many more!

There is a lesson here for all of us – whether it’s a health challenge, transition to motherhood, life transitions or otherwise. We’re surrounded by smart minds and caring souls every day. We all have the potential to unlock these gifts, if we take a moment to see them, embrace them and care for them.

Emilee comes to visit Mommy!
Here I am the first night in the hospital (before diagnosis) w/ my daughter’s prized Unicorn to keep me company.