nutrition tips for healthy lifestyle

Many of you have asked me for tips on how to get started with a clean lifestyle, specifically around diet and nutrition. "What are you doing?" "Where do I start?"

With New Years, just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share my simple, straightforward Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living.

My #1 advice: Start small. Pick one each week. Have some fun with it by exploring alternative food swaps. You'd be surprised how much you can still enjoy and will never look back.

Also --it's important to approach this as nutrition for your body (not a diet, not a short-term fad but rather a new way of living!)


Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living

  1. Cut out cow's milk dairy (this includes yogurt, greek yogurt and cheese). It sounds counter intuitive to a healthy lifestyle, I know, but only because of what we're coached and influenced to believe all of our lives. In quick summary: certain breeds of A1 Holstein cows produce a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). This peptide develops when the A1 protein enters the small intestine. The BCM-7 is then absorbed into the bloodstream. and causes a range of health problems (aka inflammation).
  2. Avoid all gluten and grains.  Read more about lectins and how detrimental they can be to our health. Stay away from flour (wheat, white, rice or anything "white"). Stick to alternatives (almond, sorghum, cassava, etc.)
  3. Limit sugar & avoid it all together. You'd be surprised how much this lurks in our every day food. Stay away from it! “The number one thing you can do to prevent or control cancer is to control insulin levels with a high-fiber diet rich in real, fresh, whole foods and minimize or eliminate sugary, processed, insulin-raising foods”. Read more from my recent blog on the topic. 
  4. Eat organic. For so---many reasons, but mainly due to Roundup, pesticides and other 'cides that are wreaking havoc on our bodies. Read more about why to buy organic.
  5. Fall in love with plants! Recognize that not all plants are equal though. The easiest rule of thumb is to avoid nightshade vegetables (eggplants, white potatoes, cayenne pepper, bell peppers, tomatoes), and load up on leafy greens and other lectin-free vegetables (carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, celery, sweet potatoes, etc).

Keep an eye on my Health Hacks and upcoming Swaps to help make your transition to Healthy Living smoother for you and your family. I assure you, you will feel better, look better and your body will thank you.

There's never a better time to start then now.

And please, do share with me how you're feeling!!! I love the feedback. It's already changed my life in so many ways.