raise your vibration

I’ve been enjoying experimenting with some new essential oils lately. Idaho Blue Spruce from Young Living. Elevation from DoTerra. And it got me thinking….

what do you do to raise your vibration?

Those moments when you feel you could use a little nudge, or to dig yourself out of a funk, or maybe just to put a little pep in your step. What’s your go-to?

I’ve found essential oils to be so comforting and rewarding. So many uses beyond diffusing and it’s so enjoyable to mix it up, and get my daughter involved in the fun.

I’m also a big fan of finding that quiet mind space through meditation – sometimes it’s sitting still, sometimes it’s when I’m being active, like just strolling around outside with no expectations.

Hopping on a call with a friendly voice, and especially with those people that bring you warmth and joy, helps keep us connected to our Purpose and we all end up feeling a little better after, right?

Playing with your kids, taking your dog for a walk, expressing gratitude in countless ways….the opportunities are endless to help yourself rise up each day. Because when we all do our individual part, we help the masses and make this a better planet, a more enjoyable place to live and much more rewarding to be a part of.

Would love to hear your thoughts! ~j

p.s. you can shop for DoTerra oils here – 100% of the profits go to support lung cancer research.

I also recommend the app HeadSpace as a great meditation partner. You can filter by time spent, topic and guided/non-guided options. It’s a winner!

**this picture was taken last week, when a butterfly graciously landed on sweet Emilee. Talk about being connected to nature!**