science of sleep

There’s no doubt, you’ve heard some of the passing benefits of rest and a good nights sleep. Sure – we say, trying doing that when you’re a busy mom, juggling work and kids and oh yeah, dinner. But what’s crazy is this one bodily function that we so need, is the one we often de-prioritize the most.

Tonight’s your night to stop the excuses and fall into the night slumber you so deserve.

Here’s why….

When we sleep, all sorts of amazing possibilities happen. It’s like the body’s way of slowing down the brain, while simultaneously boosting your overall health.

Sleep allows the body to recover, promote better physical and mental performance the next day and for the long-haul. It’s an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, disease fighting mechanism that’s literally built into our biological clocks. And that’s not by change.

Without sleep, our brain and body starts to short-circuit, which can affect thinking, concentration, energy, mood and our overall longevity and quality of life.

The recommendation is at least 7-9 hours for adults and even more for children. Why? Because quality of sleep matters and the cat-nap approach night after night, just isn’t going to cut it. Our sleep stages are complex and it’s important we visit with each one every single night.

You can read more about Sleep Stages and their importance to our well-being here.

Just remember virtually every part of the body and brain benefit from sleep – from breathing, to heart rate,  to muscle recovery and overall cognitive ability. When you fall asleep you literally enter into the unconscious mind, tuning out all reality and entering into a state of pure ‘being’ - something our awake/thinking brains can’t process.  This release has so many deep, psychological and physical effects on our body that shorting ourselves of this precious resource is just plain non-negotiable.

So do yourself a favor and find your slumber. Figure out your sleep ritual that puts you into that acceptance state of mind. Use your lavender oil, take melatonin, practice yoga nidra, tune out your devices, turn down the lights, whatever it is…..practice, and practice again. Your health depends on it!