Finding Joy

I just finished listening to Gabby Bernstein’s book called Super Attractor. I smiled every time I tuned in because while I’m still learning from her words, it pretty much summarizes everything I’ve come to learn in my own health journey these last few years.

What she poignantly points out is the emphasis of Joy in our lives. This one syllable, and seemingly so simple word, is far from it  but shouldn’t be. Because Joy is the ultimate desire of our souls, of our existence in this Universe.

Joy is the highest vibrational emotion, state of being, sense of existence to be desired. And yet so many of us forget, lose sight or have never truly experienced it.

What an interesting thought. What if you lived your life by putting Joy first? What if you included Joy in everything you did, thought, said or experienced? Even just a sliver of it. What a wonderful life it would be.

It’s a good challenge, right? How can you bring in more Joy to work, to meal time with your kids, to your exercise routine? What does that look like, and feel like? Certainly, a  loving thought for you to ponder today and to see what you can come up with - what brings YOU joy?

Need a little inspiration?

  • Watch my latest video for a few tips!
  • I also find the Joy oil blend as a sensory reminder to smile. I wear it on my oils bracelet and get waves of it all day long. It’s incredibly refreshing. You can diffuse it too and then the whole family benefits.


“When Joy is a Habit, Love is a Reflex”

P.s. this photo was taken of me in a pure joy moment – surrounded by rescue potbelly pigs, an animal I’ve desired to own since childhood. Now that’s pure, piggy love right there.