self love

There’s Valentine’s Day and Gal-entine’s Day, and Pal-entine’s Day and probably more I’m missing. Today I celebrate Self-Love.

Whatever your thoughts are about this commercialized holiday or not, let us not lose sight of really what it’s all about. It’s not the chocolates or cards or secret admirers, it’s an opportunity to tap into the very essence of what connects us all – universal love. And that starts with self-love. Because sometimes without a holiday reminder on our calendars, and an intentional declared day to pause and celebrate all-things love, we may have forgotten that it needs to even be celebrated.

Think about how much love is shared on a day like today?? Isn’t that what makes living so grand? To open our hearts to those we love, including ourselves, and to share the purest emotion we have readily available to us à LOVE!

So I encourage you today to reflect on how much you love yourself. And then share that love generously with those you hold dear, those who need a little more of it today, and those you don’t know but are seeking true love in their desires.

“Self-Love is a constant choice. It’s not a magical feeling that appears to you one day. It’s a commitment to your boundaries, your well-being, your mental and emotional health and your body.”

p.s. Watch my video for a heartfelt, self-love message just for you -