super shake

Nutrient-rich super shakes help jump start your days and deliver flavor and health all in one shot...err, 8oz glass 🙂

But don’t move too fast to the pre-packaged, to-go shakes on the shelves. Put those back! The preservatives and weird ingredients alone just make me shudder. BLAH!

Rather build your own super shake, that’s destined to deliver immune-boosting, metabolism revving, enhanced mood and brain food, digestive regularity and overall high-caliber nutrition that your body craves (and runs on). It’s filling and easy.

How to build your own custom blend is the fun part.

Below are a few pointers to get you started. As always, I’m happy to design a custom super shake for you. I can help kick it up a notch and personalize a shake based on your blood type, health goals, dietary preferences and more! So, let’s get shaking!


  1. Invest in a high-quality blender. It makes all the difference when it comes to literally pulverizing veggies and fruits in your shake. You won’t love chunks - trust me. My go-to right now - the Vitamix. It’s amazing! Here’s a great review of the top blenders on the market.
  2. Choose your liquids wisely. Add 8-10oz of a nutrient-rich base. This depends on your mood and preference each day. Aloe Vera Juice (to purify and cleanse), or Coconut Water for electrolytes and an energy-boost. Incorporate plant-based milk for calcium and other minerals, like hemp milk or almond-milk.
  3. Add fresh fruits and veggies. Mix it up each day. Try to sneak in at least one cup of fresh, organic leafy greens (kale, dandelion root, spinach all blend well), and a half-cup of fresh, or frozen organic fruit (berries mainly for the polyphenol effect)
  4. Add a healthy fat. It helps your body absorb all of the essential minerals. 1 TBSP of hemp seeds, or a splash of MCT oil can do the trick.
  5. Add your nutrients. Chose your powders wisely. Not all protein-powders are created the same! I steer clear of whey-protein due to it’s dairy makeup, and opt for plant-based. For me, it’s Organic Vega One protein powder in Chocolate (clean ingredients and yummy!). I also alternate with hemp seed protein powder and Organifi Greens powder.


There are so many more enhancers and add-ons to explore (collagen powders, beet root powders, spirulina, vitamin D, etc). But it’s best to assess your current goals and navigate from there. Let me know how I can help!