what we dont see

This passage from Suzanne Giesemann really spoke to me recently. I feel like I just shared this sentiment recently with a friend, and it’s so very true. There is so much that we don’t see that we can be grateful for. Like if we’re stuck in traffic because an accident just happened, only to realize that this was the morning we were running late thanks to a flat tire or a child who wouldn’t put her shoes on. Could something so seemingly ‘annoying’ be what changed when and where we arrived on the highway that morning, and consequently changed our entire life that day?

Ask yourself - when you pass by an automobile accident after sitting in traffic for hours, are you excited because you can ‘finally’ get back to driving the speed limit after gawking at the wreckage, or do you pause, for just a moment, to send those souls a prayer for their health and safety? Are you forgetting to ‘see’ what you don’t see in the moment?

Something to think about as you go about your day…. the unforeseen…..


This post Unforeseen appeared first on Suzanne Giesemann :

When something goes wrong, in your opinion, perhaps you could see it another way. That delay, that malfunction … could it have prevented something that would have brought you harm? You are part of an ongoing flow. There are many moving pieces which you cannot always see from your limited perspective. Trust the greater Intelligence that is all of the parts, knows all of the parts, Guides, Organizes, and Directs all of the parts … to a point. You have free will to choose how you view those delays, malfunctions, and what you call problems. Could they not also be opportunities? You are so very loved.