advice from a naturopath

Fear and panic will not help us in this situation. However preparation and education will. The CDC is an excellent starting point for the official stance on health and well-being.

In addition, however, our natural providers are also doing their part to share effective and healthy approaches to prevention and overall immunity health.

Here are a few tips to pass along from my own naturopath doctor from this week

For Basic Prevention

  • Vitamin C 2000mg twice daily
  • Consume pre-prescribed anti-virals (tincture, supplements, herbs) *ps if you don't know what these or want more info, let me know!
  • Herbal teas 1-3 cups per day (EX: Licorice, Elderberry, Panax ginseng) *I also love Rose Hip Tea for it's vitamin C punch and highly recommend the taste!
  • Selenium up to 200mcg one per day *you can get this from 2-3 Brazil Nuts per day!
  • Zinc up to 30mg one per day (supplement, lozenges, etc) *sometimes this is combined in a multi or vitamin C lozenge too!
  • Hydration, proper sleep and rest!
  • Stress management (meditation, walking, hot bath, etc)
  • Other: pro-biotics, Vitamin D [greater than 2000 ICU daily + natural sunlight 15 min per day]


KEEP THESE IN your house:

The reason for mortality (death) from most flu's is pneumonia and this is true for the Corona virus. These are not a substitute for appropriate care however something you have in your house that could prove helpful.

  • Carrots - can be used as a poultice to help remove fluid from the lungs.
  • Garlic - it's both antibacterial & antiviral. Consume multiple times per day. *I also say consider a garlic + apple cider vinegar + oregano oil shot for a real wake me up / immune booster. It does burn a little, haha


AVOID: any sugar or processed foods & alcohol - all deplete the immune system


  • Should be used once you have contracted the virus.
  • It appears that these are proving effective with Coronavirus however more data is being collected: Bryonia 30C/200C, Gelsemium 30C/200C, Eupatorium 30C/200C.