grow your own lettuce

Anyone that has visited my house recently should be smiling at the title of this post. Indeed, I have been growing my own lettuce… indoors… for months now. And it’s so easy!

I was challenged with finding a year-round, locally sourced supplier of lettuce – the one staple food I eat so much of, every single day. Farmers markets were amazing in the summer but I wasn’t sure what to do all winter long in freezing cold Maryland.

Hydroponic gardening was my answer and so was the ease and convenience of this Aerogarden

Disclaimer: They are NOT sponsoring me to say this, lol. I've just officially become a walking testimonial for simple gardener with no experience. I purchased the Herb Growing Kit and then swapped them out for the Salad Green Pods for my very own mixed green growing indoors. Now I'm actually growing both - lettuce and herbs!

The seedlings are organic and they literally grow in your own water source. It tells you when to water it and when to add the optional vitamins, and the LED grow light has a timer. It does require the light to be on for 15+ hours each day, so I just have it on our counter top in the kitchen (and it serves as a bonus nightlight).

Harvesting is easy with clean kitchen scissors and stems regrow pretty quickly. If it was up to me, I’d have a million of these set up around the house. LOL. For now, I’ll keep my husband sane and will just stick to experimenting with my greens.

Happy (indoor) Farming!