lymph nodes

Lymph Nodes Are Your Body’s First Line of Defense!

We’re often aware of our lymph nodes when they are flared up or sore, but otherwise likely don’t spend a ton of time thinking about them. Well now is the time to love the hundreds of these little guys that we house.

Our lymph nodes harbor lymphocytes, which are crucial to finding off infections of all kinds! And lymphocytes escort foreign invaders out of our body (bye-bye toxins) so they are super important to your natural immune boosting defense system.

Love your Lymph Nodes with Food

Here are a few foods to eat (and enjoy!) to boost the lymph system and all it’s healing goodness.

  • Leafy Greens
  • Ginger
  • Cherries
  • Figs
  • Oranges / Tangerines
  • Cat's Claw
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Burdock Root [this is GREAT for lungs too. I buy Burdock Root Tea on Amazon!]
  • Dandelion

It’s also a great idea to boost your Vitamin C (I opt for vitamin c powder crystals over chews or tablets). You can mix it right into water and it’s in higher doses than the other forms.

Consider supplementing with Vitamin D (I’ve been getting over 2000 ICUs a day. Some say up to 5000 ICUs is better) plus daily sunshine when you can. Talk to your doctor first about any supplementation interest.

**General anti-inflammation foods to avoid - Dairy, Wheat, Corn plus Canola/Vegetable Oil, Artificial Flavors


Mindset & Mantra

The body will follow the brain. You can read more about my take on mindset and mantras here. But another reminder today coming from Louise Hay’s Book, You can Heal your Life.

She believes symptoms are tied to root causes and present themselves when we need to be reminded the most.

Lymph Problems

  • Probable Cause – A warning that the mind needs to be re-centered on the essentials of live. Love & Joy.
  • New thought pattern – “I am now totally centered in the love and joy of being alive. I flow with life. Peace of mind is mind”

*Repeat often and as necessary throughout the day. Print it out, make it visible so your brain and mind can process it too!


*Nutrition information sourced from Medical Medium’s book called Life Changing Foods 

*information sourced from here and the talented and marvelous Louis Hays You Can Heal Your Life