caring for our elders

The pictures on social media are heartbreaking to all of us right now – the elderly grandparents who can’t see their new grandbabies, sequestered to their facilities with no visitors.

But honestly, what were we all doing before this to show that we care about our aging population??

Now is our reminder to take a little extra time to slow down and embrace them rather than passively acknowledge them (if that).

Did you know that each of the Blue Zones, studied from across the world, have cultures who embrace their elders whole-heartedly? Blue Zones are certain parts of the world that have high concentrations of people who live past 100. These people live the longest, and share a few things in common.

One of these key factors is how they honor their elderly! They admire their wisdom and life lessons, they welcome them into their daily lives, and they are never, ever treated differently.

Can we say the same for our standard American way of life before all of this?

What can you do today to show someone in your life that you care?