Baruka nuts

Chances are you have never heard of a Barukas nut.

Neither had I until a few months ago and let me tell you, these are good, really good! It’s like a lectin-free take on a peanut, because we all know how bad peanuts and peanut butters are for us (right?!?!)

Barukas delivery a similar-to-peanut texture but with so many more health benefits:

  • At least 25% fewer fat calories than other nuts
  • Loaded with magnesium and other health-boosting minerals
  • 6g of protein with all essential aminos
  • Over 3x higher antioxidant power than the most popular nuts
  • More fiber than any other nut

They originate in South America and come from trees called Baruzeiro. They are found in the Cerrado, which covers an area three times the size of Texas. Unfortunately this area is under severe threat with millions of Baruziero trees being burned down to make way for soy production and unsustainable agriculture.

The growth of Barukas nuts represents an amazing opportunity to reforest our planet and allow the indigenous people to make a living off the land.

This company and it’s founders stand for an amazing cause. And they delivery nutty goodness as part of their mission.


You have to try one! You can buy on their site directly or via Amazon.

Have a taste and let me know what you think?