apple a day

It’s true! In addition to delivering so many other health benefits, apples can help alleviate stress and anxiety. It’s an ancient food and one that has long represented comfort and a connection to a sense of sanctuary. Apples help open up a part of you and change the energy around you. So, if you’re feeling depressed, powerless, useless or otherwise just stressed – an apple can chance your course! They are nature’s way of raising your vibration, which in itself helps attract happier and brighter things your way. They literally make you more energetic – from a spiritual standpoint and a physical.

Never underestimate the power of an apple! It’s rich in anti-inflammatory properties and a must-have for any, repeat any, illness you’re facing (physical and mental).

Their phytochemicals are a true brain food, especially the apples with a red skin in which it’s pigment also delivers anti-obesity and digestive strength. Apples also contain flavonoids, rutin and quercedin – critical elements to support heavy metal and radiation detox. Think of an apple as the ultimate cleanser for your body – it purifies your organs (head to toe), improves circulation in your lymphatic system, repairs damaged skin and regulates blood sugar.

Then add on the mental and energetic benefits and I ask, why would you NOT eat one of these gems a day!

Fall is the perfect season to source locally grown, organic apple orchards in your area. I highly encourage you to ask questions of the orchards you visit. Most apple trees are sprayed to keep bugs and disease away. Find one that uses organic pest controls and don’t be shy on asking the tough questions. You must know where your fruit comes from! If all else fails, peel, peel, peel your apples!

And don’t forget about my Two-ingredient applesauce recipe if you’re looking for an easy way to get in those apples each day!


*Information directly sourced from Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods , pg 48