It’s no wonder Kiwis are the gems of the fruit world. They are packed with Vitamin C and loads of healing antioxidants.

Did you know that kiwis also help regulate blood sugar (up or down) and helps bring you back to center (an amazing stress companion).  Kiwis also help strengthen the digestive system, and keep unproductive bacteria, viruses, and other disruptions at bay.

If you’re like me, I enjoy kiwis but find the peeling of that fuzzy skin to be a little bit of a hindrance to enjoying a quick pick me up. It became a running joke in our family, as we’d sporadically find organic kiwis and then I’d pass them up because of the extra effort they required. Seriously, it’s not really effort but some days…well, you get it.

Here is a $6 hack that will change your kiwi-loving life, thanks to Amazon and my husband who found it.

You guys, this is it! It takes 10 seconds to scoop and slice your way to enjoying those organic kiwis. I’ve been indulging every since and have actually recommended this fun product to loads of people already.

P.s. here is another fun fact about kiwis on a spiritual note…kiwis are natures way of showing us a complete picture of our Universe. With its core as our own center, and the surrounding shooting stars as our complete galaxy. Sometimes we get caught up in our day-to-day and forget there is a bigger world out there. Let kiwis remind you that we can disconnect from daily annoyances and rather open up to the vastness of the Universe.

*information directly & graciously sourced from The Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods book, pg 90