Eat from the Earth

The alarming rate that boxed and frozen pre-packaged foods are flying off the shelves is jaw-dropping. Yet those of us that seek out home gardens, organically sourced items and all the ways to source real, whole food, are finding ourselves plentiful right now.

What we know is that the earth was meant to feed us, to heal us and everything we need to survive we have and we have access to.

Now is the time to unlock how!

Food as medicine was a thought from Hippocrates a zillion years ago and it’s true today. Plants, plant-based medicine, oils – all of it was meant for us humans to live and thrive from. The spotlight is being shown on this as scarcity of goods brings forth workarounds and new ways of living. Let this be the path forward too.

Eat from the earth, and be good to it along the way!