Sometimes simple is better.

We’ve all heard it said, but it seems that even most days the act, thought or even notion of ‘simple’ seems far reaching. Minds are racing, households are buzzing and the world is opening up again and we’re all constantly adjusting.

But does it really need to be all that complicated or is it quite simple really?

Fundamentally our existence and perseverance as humans is quite simple. It’s back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of which in addition to food and shelter, the gift of love and human connection is really all we need to thrive and survive. It’s that simple.

We have everything we need. Every day. Life is simple and it’s great!

Take a step back. Just for a moment. No matter what, I guarantee that what’s better far outweighs what isn’t. Even at this exact moment. That each challenge you think of is far overshadowed with even more opportunities it is unlocking.

So, keep it simple today.

Don’t overthink things too much. Focus on what you have, vs. what you don’t have. You can’t always change your surroundings, or what’s going on around you, but you can focus on the perfectly, beautiful and simple you.

Have a beautiful day!