There is certainly some wonderment of an orange, right? The smell let alone the taste, has a way of quickly bringing us to present enjoyment but also has a bit of a nostalgic energy. Slice open an orange, and you’re thrown back to your childhood days or that one time in college that….well never mind about that 😊

Point being, oranges and their d-Limonene are just magical. And in the midst of winter and COVID, they couldn’t be a more staple food to have on hand.

Here is why I love oranges:

  • Boost winter-blues (and vitamin C deficiencies in the winter months)
  • Get a daily dose of glutathione which activate flavonoids and helps ward off viruses
  • Protects from radiation damage and deactivates toxic heavy metals
  • Offers a bioactive calcium you can’t get anywhere else, which is immediately absorbed by the body

Spiritually, they are life-giving! They bring opportunity and fill you with warmth, offsetting any loneliness, sad or weepy times.

There are many ways to get Oranges into your life.

Of course – eat them! But Orange essential oil is also another way to topically get your boost if you don’t have the fresh stuff on hand. Add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply to your digestive and immune systems (think stomach, liver, gall bladder) you can also diffuse to boost spirits and start your day feeling grateful and uplifted.

You can also use Orange essential oil to boost creativity. This goes for kids too. To rub and diffuse away and get in those fresh organic oranges daily! Yum!