peppermint oil

When we think of December, in pops ideas of holiday cheer, celebrations, hot cocoa, gingerbread and our beloved candy cane traditions. Tis the season….

But did you know that peppermint oil also has enormous health benefits that can bring you joy all year long?! Apply, diffuse & sniff your way to health.

Those candy canes are packed with sugar and artificial dyes, however, pure Peppermint oil is the way to go to deliver:

  • Healthy respiratory function – steam inhale or diffuse for a breakthrough of sinus congestion, cough or a stuffy nose. Adding 1-2 drops on your shower floor does the trick too.
  • Relief from stomach upset – ingest just one drop and cool your way to a soothing stomach, especially after a big meal.
  • Nervous system stimulation – feeling sluggish? Need some motivation before your next workout? Inhale or apply peppermint for a pick me up just before you get your sweat on or embark on your next creative journey.
  • Also safe to use around kids – consider diffuse around the house the next time they dive into online learning and need a little pick me up in the afternoon!

Pure grade peppermint oil can be safely ingested (buy responsibly please!) and is fun to add to foods or drinks for a little peppermint flare. Think hot cocoa all the way to your favorite adult beverages.

Applying peppermint oil topically can also have soothe achy muscles and delivers a powerful cooling agent while you’re at it. Dilute with your favorite carrier oil (I like fractionated coconut oil) and rub away.

So – enjoy those candy canes if you must, but don’t forget about peppermint all year long too. Ahhh….


*information sourced from Young Living + other oils reference books, resources.

**Image sourced directly from here.