joint pain

Many people, young and old, suffer from intermittent or chronic joint pain in their lives. How quick are we to pop an Advil and call it a day, masking the inflammation with temporary relief because, hey it works. Only to have it pop up again….and again….

Queue up a tension headache and away we go into Advil and Aleve land. Did you know that these NSAIDs were actually once prescription distributed only? Now we’re left to our free will and choices to decide when and how much. A nice little money maker for our pharmaceutical friends in the end.

But this post isn’t about pointing out what’s wrong or who did or didn’t do something – no judgement here. It’s to share with you that options exist. More natural options that can easily become a gentler, yet effective starting block for you the next time a headache creeps up, or that knee pain starts to flare again. Why not follow the natural rhythm of your body to heal, as you continue to seek the root-case of your ailment. Also – NSAIDs wreck your gut, cause immediate inflammation and get your body all twisted up for days, weeks, etc. EEK!

Introducing Copaiba. Nature’s wonder when it comes to calming, soothing and alleviating our mind, body and spirit.  Copaiba oil has high levels of beta-caryophyllene and a uniquely sweet aromatic scent which helps invite a relaxing atmosphere. It can be diffused and added to your daily skin care routine. But best of all, it can be directly applied to troubled spots – as in, rub some on your knees, elbows, or even take a copaiba supplement (yes ingest it!) to spark a comforting cooldown and pain relief.

I’ve tried it numerous times and it works. Same for others that I’ve recommended it to. Best to keep some on hand – the oil or the pills – and safely ingest when you need to.

Bye bye, NSAIDs. Hello natural healing! Isn’t nature wonderful?!?!

p.s. this does not negate the fact that getting to the root cause of your ailment is KEY to healing. Keep digging and please, please don’t mask the symptoms with quick fixes.