Summer and watermelon just go together. They are a match made for each other, and for us as we enjoy their sweet crimson goodness for months and months each year! So it should come as no surprise there are numerous health benefits to this sweet, juicy fruit…some of which may surprise you.

Did you know that Watermelons….

  1. Help support immunity – their lycopene count is so high it’s like a natural defense against cancers, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and macular diseases
  2. Can improve heart health – potassium and magnesium run abundant in this sweet red fruit, in which case both impact blood pressure levels in a good way leading to less heart attacks and strokes
  3. Can relieve pain & soreness – high levels of vitamin C are contributed to cartilage and bone protective health. Potassium and magnesium aid in muscle recovery too!
  4. Helps prevent kidney stones – watermelon is a natural diuretic and this keeps kidneys happy and flushing toxins, avoiding toxic build up and stones
  5. Aids in hydration and digestion – watermelon is 91% water which helps the bodies natural detoxification processes. Cheers to good gut health!
  6. Protect your skin – the high vitamin A count maintains cell health and protects against UV damage

And there are more benefits. These stars of summer also help your eye sight, aid in physical recovery, ward of cancer and help with weight loss.

Who’s hungry??

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