When it comes to natural anti-inflammatory's, Turmeric CAN'T BE BEAT! Turmeric, a deep orange herb, is native to India and Southeast Asia and comes from the root (rhizome) portion of the Curcuma longa plant. It's our greatest edible option and curcumin, the most studied extract from tumeric, possesses numerous anticancer effects. It's actually considered a "multifunctional drug" and when combined with EGCG, curcumin suppressed breast cancer cell growth. Say what??

And the good news is that the amount of Turmeric needed to benefit from its anti-inflammatory effect is small. Just 50mg, or 1/50th of a teaspoon over a period of several months has been linked to health benefits. Ideally you'd get in a little more - about 1 tsp a day. And don't forget to combine Turmeric with black pepper to maximize absorption as it travels through your body.

turmericPlus you can add it to just about anything! My favorite is Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower. Check out my own personal recipe to give it a try.

And, Golden Turmeric Milk is also amazing. You can literally sneak this in anywhere - eggs, chicken, smoothies, etc.

Just remember, organic is best and so is raw Turmeric powder (over a supplement or pill). Amazon has some great options so you can start once your Next Day Prime shows up. Enjoy!





DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor therefore this is meant to be simply thoughts and opinions, not medically proven facts. Please note all factual information in this post has been directly sourced from The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters.
**p.s. If you haven't read this book, it's a MUST READ.

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