unearthing your purpose

“What’s your Purpose"?

Depending on who you are and where you are on your life’s journey, this can be a powerful or passive question for you to answer? And why do I ask? Because it’s been at the essence my healing journey.

In times of need, sorrow or in my case, a health challenge, its not unusual to often wonder ‘why’? Why is this happening? Why now, why me…so many ‘whys’. But that’s our very human reaction to something much deeper, that of which we don’t really understand.

So what is your why? Well simply put - it’s YOUR life’s mission, your purpose, your guiding principle, the reason you’re here in this lifetime and what you’ve agreed to fulfill for the betterment of the collective “us”. One love, all connected – you, me, all of us. It's your reason for being....

Have you ever felt you were doing things day-to-day, just to do them? Or that life is feeling mundane, routine, boring? Are you in a job, or relationship that you know you should get out of, but you “just can’t”? Are you one of those day dreamers – who simply gets by every day, but knows deep down what you really want do with your time?? This is what I’m talking about….this!

It’s because your deeper intuition is trying to tell you something. You’re off your Path!

Your Purpose isn’t lost, it’s there, but you haven’t revealed it yet, followed it, let it guide you. Rather you suppress it with your logical mind that reminds you about the reality of living – aka personal finances, family commitments, work responsibilities, and all of the other rational thoughts that overshadow that deep inner purpose, that soulful reason for your human existence.

So I’ll ask it in another way….

If you had one more extra hour in your day, what would you do with it? What does your 25th Hour look like?

…are you following your instincts, fulfilling your Purpose, or is your logical mind taking over?

Don't underestimate the mind-body connection either. This approach, or lack of approach, to living has a deep impact on our health, too.

Dis-ease often manifests because we’re off our charter, suppressing, or carrying on, too tight to deeply rooted emotions like fear, anger, guilt, sadness, etc.

And, unearthing your Purpose is not easy. In fact, it’s hard work! But if you really want to find it, to do the work to reveal it and let it guide you, let it heal you, let it free you….well, it can be done.

Anything is possible!

Let me know your thoughts and of course, how I may be of service to you. One that I know so very, very well.

Have a blessed day!