ginger root a day

The healing effects of ginger are endless. And chances are you have heard them all before, but how much have you actually actioned when it comes to getting ginger in your life.

This herb packs a powerful punch of Gingerol, a natural chemical that kills and starves cancer cells.

It also contains important B6 vitamins, magnesium and maganese, all important essential minerals to boost our immunity.

Ginger aids the body in detoxification by draining the lymphatic system and boosting the digestive tract. Hence why its also an important one when you have an upset stomach or any gastro discomfort. This super herb has been a staple in my regime since starting chemo.

The easiest ways to consume are:

  • Grating raw ginger root and adding it to salads, dressings, soups, meat or stir fry dishes / Instant Pot dishes
  • Using dried ginger powder as a spice in cooking or baking; try adding a sprinkle to your morning coffee or tea
  • As an organic tea – buy organic tea leaves or organic tea bags from nearly anywhere. Just remember quality is key!
  • Add ginger to your smoothies or daily greens drink

Daily consumption depends on your preference and your current health status. At least 1-2 tsp per day of the raw root or 2-3 g per day of the powder are often recommended but again, talk to your doctor or naturopath first.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


Information sourced from the talented Liana Werner-Gray via her book Cancer Free with Food

Photo graciously sourced from