world is bigger

No doubt, with change there brings opportunity, but also fear. It’s human to fear the unknown, seek answers for the right now, and let the past write our future.

This COVID experience has brought a sea of emotions, good days and bad and all the feels in between.

It’s easy to be swept up in the noise – rumors over facts, opinions over love, selfishness over sharing.

However, what we do have is the opportunity to lean in closer to the bigger life lessons that are developing as a result of this. An opportunity to focus on long-term positive returns and deeper meanings that are hidden in the details.



I hope these bring you peace and calm as you reflect on your own growing list.....

#1: The world is bigger and more connected, than we realize.

It's easy to get caught up in yourself, your family, what’s next on the weekend agenda and so on. So often we look inward, to our own sphere of influence and forget there is a bigger world out there.

How often did we slow down before to hear about what was going on in China, Europe, California or anything outside of what ‘could’ potentially disrupt our day-to-day routine??

Fast forward and now we’re all feeling the ripple effects of China months later, we’re hanging on to every count that comes in from Italy and we’re tallying our own neighboring counties pleading people to stay home.

The world is in a ripple effect and each one of is being touched by it daily.

After all of this, may we never forget just how powerful the world’s ripples are. What affects one, can affect hundreds, thousands, millions.

In the future, we will be much more aware of this and should let our daily actions, no matter how small, be guided by the fact that we’re one human who can make a difference. We’re one body that’s part of a bigger Universe. We’re one heart that can shower many with love. This is how we should lead and love.

covid learning #1