aloe vera

Aloe vera is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. It is truly a miracle immune booster!

Aloe has been touted as a miracle plant for centuries, thanks to its active vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lignin, amino acids and unique sugars, like mannose.

It’s known to accelerate healing in the body – from topical wounds to internal gut healing, to overall skin health.

Its general purpose is to remove inflammation and it does just this, from the inside out.

Yes, it can protect your skin from UV damage, premature aging, and it heals sunburns. But it also protects you from internal bacterial, fungal and viral infections and even, cancer. It kills off pathogens that create colon cancer, stomach cancer and rectal cancer and provides the pancreas with a little support.

Its most powerful compound is called acemannan, which is an immune stimulator. Drinking aloe vera allows your body to absorb acemannan, which in turn induces your macrophages – aka immune cells- to secrete three anti-cancer compounds: interferon, interleukins and tumor necrosis factor.



There are many brands of Aloe Vera juice, but beware the ones that also pack it with lots of honey (aka sugar). The best brand I’ve found is Lakewood Organic but it’s tough to find in stores. Amazon has a 6-pack available which is actually the most economical way to get it. recommends Stockton Aloe. It’s a raw aloe vera gel that’s raw when packaged and shipped to you frozen.

My favorite way to consume this is using it as the liquid base in my daily greens drink or in a smoothie. You need 6-8oz per day ideally.  I’ve been using this for months now and I swear my skin is clearer. If I can visibly see the change, just imagine what it’s doing to heal my insides. Yahoo!



Aloe is also perfect for going through transitions and transformations. Hmm....seems we all could relate to this right about now! Aloe will help you feel at peace with your surroundings. Namaste!


*information directly sourced from, pg 185 and Life Changing Foods book by Anthony William, pg 224-225

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