Please enjoy this amazing advice from my dear friend, beautiful soul and talented owner of LaBellaUna, Celestia French


Feeling frazzed? Are you overworked, overbooked, overtired, and don’t know where to start to get your life and well-being back on track?

Here’s a list of ten simple things you can do today to put the smile back on your face and get back on track.


There’s a sanskrit term called “samskara” which means “the impression and impact of the actions we perform.” When we think thoughts and perform actions, these subtle impressions are deposited in our mind-field. Each time the action is repeated, the impression becomes stronger, creating a groove that can be difficult to resist. Taken together, our “samskaras” make up our conditioning, or how our habits and patterns are formed. And they can powerfully motivate our thoughts, speech, and actions (for better or for worse).


Luckily, we can literally get groove back by resetting our old detrimental patterns (unhealthful habits, low self-esteem, self-destructive relationships) and replacing them with those that will serve our highest good ( for example taking control of our health, joy, and well-being). In modern terms this is called “neuroplasticity,” or our brain’s ability to change by reorganizing our synaptic connections. The aim of neuroplasticity in this context is to optimize our neural networks. Pick a couple of these tips to work with today, and see which ones you can incorporate over the long term. It’s never too late to get your sparkle back!


  1. Focus on your good: re-pattern your brain to focus on what you like about your self (your body, accomplishments, etc.). Your self love and confidence will only grow!
  2. Clear the clutter: This powerful act will translate into the rest of your life (relationships, work, etc.), and allow you to create sacred space to invite in what you WANT TO MANIFEST! Clean out your purse, car, closet, and house.
  3. Get creative: Draw. Paint. Make music. Scrapbook. Bake a layer cake. Unveil your creative genius!
  4. Nourish your best Self: Focus on whole foods and drink lots of pure water daily. Ditch the junk (processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, added sugar). Extra points for eliminating gluten and commercially processed dairy!
  5. Revamp your Look: Throw out the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, and/or don’t fit your idea of your Best Self. Add a few new “power pieces” to your wardrobe. Get a haircut. Try a new shade of lipstick or add a little sparkle to your eyeshadow. Your body is the temple that houses your Divine Self, so adorn it accordingly!
  6. Do something fun: Joy has a powerful positive effect on your feel good hormones. Extra points for getting active: Exercise, dance, or walk with a pal!
  7. Do something daring: Nothing like trying something new or exciting to shake off your doldrums! Eradicate fear and embody your power!
  8. Pay it forward: Doing things for others has been scientifically proven to help us feel better. Volunteer, donate to your favorite charity, pay someone a compliment.
  9. Relax: It’s hard to feel your best when you’re chronically exhausted. Make time for some Self care. Meditate, read, get a massage, or take a little snooze.
  10. Align with Your Higher Purpose: Redefine what matters. Write down what you’re passionate about and what actually resonates with you.  Put it on a post-it note on your bathroom mirror so you see it DAILY!


About Celestia

Celestia is a certified wellness coach and yoga therapist who specializes in optimizing her clients’ energy and well-being through lifestyle and nutrition. Check out her podcast The Vitality Sessions for simple tips and strategies to optimize your life. Or, if you’re looking for some support to attain and maintain your wellness goals, email her at to book your free 15-minute explore call.