This small but mighty fruit brings way more to the table than you may realize.

It’s packed with amino acids like cysteine and glutamine and loaded with 40+ trace minerals. All of these work together to deeply bind to chemicals inside the body (like DDT) that lower the risk of many types of cancers.

  • Apricots are also a B12 enhancing food, helping to clear out the digestive tract of unhelpful elements to allow better absorption of B12. Many of us are B12 deficient so these little cuties should be in nearly everyone’s diet.
  • Apricots also boosts the growth of red blood cells, strengthens your heart and nourishes your brain.

Spiritually, apricots help open up our hearts, allowing us to be more compassionate, kind-hearted and open to helping others.

They calm us when we’re feeling nervous or threatened and even better yet, they help us tap into our intuitive side. Ever feel you “trusted your gut” when making a decision? Apricots help stimulate our inner ‘gut feelings’.

Here are some fun ways to enjoy an apricot:

Since they are an energy-shifter, you only need to eat one to enjoy its benefits. Enjoy up to 4 though if you’re dealing with a health condition to support healing.

They are best to eat after 3pm. This is when their the most bioactive and nutrients are high.

Sulfur-free, dried apricots are a great alternative to fresh. They actually hold their medicinal qualities, unlike many other dehydrated fruits. The potassium actually increases when apricots are dried! I found a Turkish, sulfur-free 1-lb bag on Amazon.


Enjoy exploring a new found appreciation for all-things apricot!


*information directly & graciously sourced from The Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods book, pg 52-53