Who knew cucumbers had so much to offer besides being a crisp, cooling snack or salad partner?

These fruits (yes, cucumbers are actually not a vegetable at all!) help boost hydration, support digestion, nudge a stagnant liver and when consumed daily, actually deliver anti-aging benefits. They contain over 50 trace minerals plus glycine and glutamine amino acids, making them an excellent neurotransmitter to reduce anxiety.

Fresh cucumber juice contains electrolytes that nourish our overused adrenal glands and kidneys, without adding all of that added sugar from off-the-shelf powders. They are nature’s version of a detoxifier – and help move toxins out! Drinking cucumber juice is especially important if you have liver or kidney health issues.

They are also great fever reducers for both children and adults, due to their magical cooling compounds.

There is also a reason why we say “cool as a cucumber”. If you’re feeling angry, or anxious bring cucumbers into your diet.  Better yet, offer a cucumber to anyone you know who is crabby or irritated easily. Have some fun with that one 😊

Spiritually, cucumbers teach us to look inside. This green fruit appears to be a vegetable, but when you open it up, you unlock its full potential. The same can be said about outward appearances and the boxes that other people put us into that don’t define who we are.

We have our own seeds, and if we look deep enough inside. we will unlock so many miracles, talent and gifts.

Imagine the possibilities!

Don’t forget to peel your cucumbers if they aren’t home grown. The toxic wax coating from conventional cucumber is not worth the risk. Up to you if you want to de-seed them. I usually do so I can use them in my daily water or salads without all of the crunchy seeds.


*information directly & graciously sourced from The Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods book, pg 142-143

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  1. Suzanne on August 12, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Love this review of cucumbers! I add a slice or two of lemon to My cucumber water! Super refreshing 💕